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Tom and December meet face to face..Finally! #8sunday… Snippet #1…7/28/14


Hi Everyone! This is my first time doing the #8sunday with the Weekend Writing Warriors, which is very exciting! This is a snippet from my debut novella The Trouble with Playing Cupid. This scene is when the two main characters, Tom Elmswood and December Brown meet face to face for the first time. The book begins with one friend’s meddling that goes awry and this second attempt, by another friend, doesn’t seem to be going to well either:

She visibly shook herself from her stupor, and unconsciously started to unwind her sloppy plaits. A gorgeous man at your door, who wouldn’t want to try to salvage their appearance?

“Since you’re already here, come on in. Please.” Tom’s tentative smile widened, in relief at her invitation.

“I feel like a vampire. You’ve invited me in, there’s no going back.”

“That’s not a comforting thought in the least, Tom.” she retorted, dryly. Normally she’d have been guffawing like a maniac since he was obviously trying to alleviate the tension. Her dream guy was right in front of her, but all she wanted to do was smack someone.

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Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

17 thoughts on “Tom and December meet face to face..Finally! #8sunday… Snippet #1…7/28/14

  1. Funny. I love the dialogue and mixed emotions. Yippee for you with what appear to be a steamy fast story with a lot of humor. My fave.

  2. Love it. We have some sexual tension going on already, and the dialogue showed that. Good job and welcome!

    History Sleuth – Milk Carton Murders

  3. Welcome to WWW! I really enjoyed this snippet. Fun dialogue and I could totally relate to her reaction. I’d want to smack someone too.

  4. Welcome Tamara! Great snippet! 🙂

  5. Welcome to the Warriors! Interesting little snippet, raises all kinds of questions, which is a good thing. Great 8!

  6. cute 8. I liked this snippet. I can understand her annoyance of him being there and I loved his comment about the vampire.

  7. How awkward for both of them.

  8. Cute little bit of banter. Welcome to WeWriWa!

  9. Oh boy–it doesn’t seem to be going well. I wonder what happened leading up to this–what kind of meddling her friends have done. lol. Good 8, Tamara. And welcome! We’re so glad to have you here. 🙂

  10. I love the vampire quip, shows his humor and such a terrific analogy considering her reluctance.

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