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Authors with Flair…Neva Squires Rodriguez interview

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Have you ever read a book so emotionally charged, so captivating that you think to yourself, how did the author come up with this plot? or I’d love to pick the author’s brain? Well here’s your chance…

Neva Squires-Rodriguez, the author of the riveting Liliana series, has given me the inside scoop on what makes her tick and how her twisted mind created such an electrifying debut novel. (Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @NevaRodriguez22

In less than 30 words tell us about Liliana.

Liliana” is a hot and steamy romance that starts off with a bang and is filled with deception, unexpected twists, and endless suspense!

The Liliana series is in 3 books, how long did it take you to write the first novel?
Yes, book one took nearly fifteen years. I kept putting it off due to raising my children, going back to school and ultimately laziness.

Why did you write it? Or better yet where did the plot idea come from?
The idea came from a re-occurring dream. Every night I tried to push the dream further, until finally I decided to write it down on paper.

When you decided to become a writer, why didn’t you choose a pseudonym?
I didn’t choose a pseudonym because I wanted everyone to know who I was. I wanted to be remembered and I wanted my readers to know where my roots were. I added my maiden name in because I wanted to show my readers that I’m multi-cultural.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer professionally?
I actually realized that I wanted to be a professional writer when I was in fifth grade. I entered a writing contest with a friend and our story won first place. A team of actors played out our story in front of the school. It was definitely a memorable experience for me.

If you could only pick two people, living or dead, famous or not, to read your book, who would they be and why?

Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz and Audre Lorde, because these are two of the female writers that I respect and enjoy the writing of most. I would definitely want to find out what feedback they had for me.

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Definitely never trying. When you think that you are going to fail, the worst that can happen is that you can be right? You could fail, you already know that and have prepared yourself for that. You might as well try and confirm your failure. (A little English humor there.) As an author, I have failed numerous times. I must have sent out at least fifty query letters and it would have been so easy to give up and crawl back under my rock, but God inspired me to push on and hey, check it out, I found a great publisher who valued my twisted ideas. Always give it a try and never give up-never.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
The first thing that I would do, would be to deactivate my Facebook account temporarily. Eventually I would take care of all of my close friends and family, I just wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed with requests and stories.
At what age did you become an emotional and mental adult?
Hmm, good question. I have hit some of the lowest points in my life at least several times. I would say that each of those rock bottoms was a learning experience for me. Each time I’ve felt like in coming out of my low point I grew and became a sounder adult. However, at age 32 I began setting goals for myself and reaching them. I would say that because of this, I would choose the age 32 for my answer, but at the same time, I always feel that I am open for further growth.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?
Conscious Comprehension of my Inner Soul- I don’t know, I’m really bad with titles…

Book 1 of Liliana is on sale now at any online book dealer but I’ll name a few anyway…

Amazon, Barnes and Nobles AllRomanceEbooks.com and Smashwords (just click the highlighted words to get to the links)


Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

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