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Tom has to deal with the fall out of his words … Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday…


Hey guys! I can’t believe its Sunday already and we’re back again doing the #8sunday with the wonderful  Weekend Writing Warriors!  I really loved reading the other snippets! This week’s excerpt from my debut novella The Trouble with Playing Cupid shows Tom’s lament about the whole talk show disaster with December Brown.

Tom couldn’t help himself; he kept switching channels to hear more opinions about
the ‘event’. He wanted to murder Trace. Every journalist at tonight’s award show would be asking him about December and her text. The media made him out to be dispassionate and uninterested, which made him feel like the scum of the earth on top of it all. He’d never even heard of the woman before last night, why was this happening to him?

Damn that Trace Randall.

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Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

10 thoughts on “Tom has to deal with the fall out of his words … Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday…

  1. Poor guy. 🙂 Maybe he needs to do something to seem more passionate and interested. Funny how he hates the situation, but can’t stop checking in on it!

  2. Those questions would zap all the fun out of an awards show. Great snippet.

  3. Dynamite snippet. Show Biz. There’s nothing like it and you’ve captured a raw moment.

  4. Ooh, interesting. I like hi conflicted reaction – constantly checking on the situation yet wanting nothing to do with it. Very human! Excellent excerpt…

  5. Trace really did a number on both December and Tom. I have to say I read the book and my jaw just dropped with what he did LIVE & ON-AIR! Those two had no warning or buffering. I can understand Tom’s ire. Good snippet.

  6. Well, I’m really intrigued about what happened. You do a great job of showing his reaction. Nice snippet.

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