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Elite Book Promotions presents my review of Seth Mullin’s Humanity’s Way Forward (Book 3)

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seth mullins

Book Description

Humanity’s Way Forward (The Edge of the Known: Book 3)

“The echoes of those scars can clearly be heard in Edge of the Known’s music. But one can also discern, quite distinctly, that other inexplicable thing that is within us all, the undying flame that transcends our wounds and sufferings…”

Brandon Chane had always seen life through the eyes of an outcast, a misfit, a young man at odds with the world and with himself. Now they’re calling him a wounded healer; a shamanic Pied Piper for the throngs of alienated youth; a thief of fire.

He wonders if he and his band can escape the claims that the world has suddenly laid upon them. But what about the cherished dream that he’s struggled so desperately to fulfill, the dream that finally seems to be coming to fruition?




My Review

Seth Mullins is back with the 3rd book in his Edge of the Known series and he still has it!!! I love his style of writing from its clear, concise wording to the realistic imagery of a band on its rise to fame while trying to keep firmly grounded. I really liked the flawed main character, Brandon and his relationships with his bandmates especially Tommy.  It was easy for Seth to make Brandon a typical alpha jerk like alot people would have done, which annoys me but this author chose not to go that overdone, tired path. he made Brandon a protagonist I could get behind. He had a kind, thoughtfulness to him that added to creating a whole personality that was real for me. He wasn’t a goody two shoes or anything but it did make me enjoy the story even more. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for something out of the ordinary to read! 

About the Author
Seth Mullins writes visionary fiction that merges our invisible inner world with the waking world that we call ‘the real’.  His stories aim to reveal aspects of the deeper mysteries of reality and of our own souls.
His most recent project, The Edge of the Known trilogy, was largely inspired by his experiences as a twenty-something songwriter and performing musician. Seth has spent years in Connecticut, New Mexico and Oregon, and currently lives in Vermont.

Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

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