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Diverse Book Tours presents my review of Thelonious Legend’s Sins of the Father


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This was going to be a special year for the Parker sisters. Eve was going to dominate in the classroom and on the basketball court.

Gwen was going to make the starting five and go down in history as the greatest prankster ever. Ana was going to do as little as possible.

But without warning, all three sisters gain extraordinary abilities that defy science… powers that come with a cost. Now all they want to do is make it through the school year without drawing any undue attention, while racing to find a cure before the side effects of their new abilities kill them. Eve’s temperament, Gwen’s fondness for pranks, and Ana’s predilection for money, however, are challenges they must overcome to achieve their goals. Because if they can’t, they’re dead…



My Review

So I literally just finished reading this book, not even an hour ago so everything is very fresh in my mind.Therefore I may have to come back and change somethings once I’ve had time to truly mull this amazing book over.

This is the authors debut novel and WOW he comes straight out of the gate rearing to go.It was fast paced, energetic drama from the first page to the last and I know the rest of the series will only get better as Thelonious Legend’s writing style improves and evolves.

I loved that the 3 sisters were so popular, despite some of their claims. I mean they had tons of friends, and were part of so much after school sports groups that I felt a little jealous!  I’m not a sports person so I didn’t know what most of the stuff was regarding Basketball, Football, Tae Kwon Do and I swear there was more! I think the author could go ahead and skimp on those details next time LOL.

Messing around with all those school kids took time away from the insanely interesting plot going on. which I felt was sometimes rushed because of the time skips. I wanted to know how the girls found out about Dave, or how they would have reacted to their father (first hand) when they found out, how their parents worked it out because that was such a huge breach of trust on Barry’s side, I wanted to know more about Elizabeth’s situation, lots more should have been devoted to Ana since she was the brains of the outfit and I felt Eve was too limiting because she was so self involved. Also the girls did not talk like middle schoolers, they were high schoolish and I think I would have believed it more if they had been. They were so much more advanced in many aspects. I definitely wanted to read more about the baddies and the reasoning behind their mindsets and Dave’s reasoning for stealing it in the first place and so much more, hopefully that will be in the rest of the series that I can’t wait to read!!

So I guess I did enjoy reading about all of the characters and their backstories because it was wonderfully diverse and well written. It was all the sports talk that kept dragging me back out of the story while I clung onto the plot for dear life. I also loved the book cover and I think this book would be a fantastic tv series especially on Nick Teens or the Disney Channel.

Great Job, Thelonious!




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IT Professional by day, but by night I use my pen and pad as a canvas to explore questions of race, identity, privilege and class in a science fiction setting. Eclectic reader with a fondness for the classics and first generation Hip Hop snob. Don’t start none won’t be none! Philadelphia Eagles football fanatic and I also enjoy MMA from the safety of my couch. On the weekends you can find me wine drinking, rock climbing, fishing, or being an unpaid chauffeur to my daughters’ activities. Also I’m a snark purveyor and been making with the funny since it was called the ‘Dozens’. Get at me!


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Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

3 thoughts on “Diverse Book Tours presents my review of Thelonious Legend’s Sins of the Father

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my book and write such a thoughtful review! I really do appreciate it!

  2. And all your questions will be answered. The first book focused on Eve, the second book(which I just finished) focuses on Gwen, and the last book will focus on Ana. And let’s just say I up the crazy!

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