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BPIC promotions presents my review of Brenda Vicar’s Polarity in Motion

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by Brenda Vicars
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: December 2, 2014

Fifteen-year-old Polarity Weeks just wants to live a normal life, but with a mother diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, that’s rarely easy. Her life gets exponentially more disastrous when her sixth-period history classmates start ogling a nude picture of her on the Internet. Polarity would never have struck such a shameless pose, but the photo is definitely of her, and she’s at a complete loss to explain its existence.

Child Protective Services yanks her from her home, suspecting her parents. The kids at school mock her, assuming she took it herself. And Ethan, the boy she was really starting to like, backpedals and joins the taunting chorus. Surrounded by disbelief and derision on all sides, Polarity desperately seeks the truth among her friends. Only then does she learn that everyone has dark secrets, and no one’s life is anywhere near normal.

Read the first chapter on the Publisher’s website ==> Click Here

 Brenda Vicar’s Polarity in Motion is my hands down favorite book of 2015! and yes I know it’s not even April yet but I’m calling it anyway and I’m confident that my mind won’t be changed very easily. This book was smart, had heart and was beautifully written. After reading it, I ran around telling anyone who would listen how great it was and I don’t usually do that.

From the explanation of the main character’s name- Polarity to her mother’s illness it was handled with such a breath of fresh air and candor. I can’t stop praising it enough. The love affair between Polarity and Ethan was perfect for their age group and in their situation. I truly appreciated the fact that the author chose to allow the reader to fall in love with Polarity before forcing us to fall in love with the couple way too early in the book.  Instead we were genuinely rooting for her to find happiness, and Ethan was the perfect fit for her. They were both strong and resilient in different yet similar ways. It was great to read about a teenaged heroine who may have bent under her dire circumstances but did not ever contemplate breaking. It was refreshing the candidness the author approached the realistic situation of sending kids to alternate schools for bad behavior and even how they treat children in the child protection system , the fact that  in our society (the world over, not just in america) it’s usually the poor who suffer first and the hardest. and alot of the time it happens to minorities.

I absolutely loved the fact that Polarity internalized this and wanted in her heart to be a better person because of that. The author didn’t just glaze over it, she acknowledged the fact that it wasn’t something that  one teenager could fix, fiction or not.

Added bonus was the main protagonist , the cause of Polarity’s exile (both physical and emotional) wasn’t just one person, or one thing but a culmination of things and people.  Brenda Vicars, you are a star and I wish you an insane amount of success!! If only more people were as socially aware as you are!

Brenda Vicars has worked in Texas public education for many years. Her jobs have included teaching, serving as a principal, and directing student support programs. For three years, she also taught college English to prison inmates.

She entered education because she felt called to teach, but her students taught her the biggest lesson: the playing field is not even for all kids. Through her work, she became increasingly compelled to bring their unheard voices to the page. The heartbeat of her fiction emanates from the courage and resiliency of her students.

Brenda’s hobbies include reading, making things out of re-purposed wood, pulling weeds in the garden, and going to Zumba classes.


Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

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