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Diverse Book Tours Presents my review of Saruuh Kelsey’s The Beast of Callaire

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Presented by Diverse Book Tours

The Beast of Callaire: Yasmin is a descendant of the Manticore. A creature of Persian mythology. A Legendary.

But she doesn’t want to be. Unlike the Legendaries in The Red, Yasmin wants nothing more than an ordinary life. She tries to fool herself into believing that she doesn’t change into a beast every full moon and savagely kill innocent people.

But when Yasmin starts hearing a voice in her head and is drawn into dreams that aren’t her own, she is led to Fray—a girl who once saved Yasmin from hunters, who has shadowy memories that hint at her having

Legendary magic—and Yasmin is catapulted into a life of Majick and malevolence.

Despite the danger around her and Fray, Yasmin might finally have a chance at being a normal girl with a normal girlfriend. But with Legendaries being killed, a war between the Gods  brewing, and the beast  inside Yasmin becoming stronger each moon, her mundane life is little more than a  dream.

My Review

The Beast of Callaire is a LGBT YA novel about a Persian mythlogical were-manticore girl named Yasmin who is such a huge loner because she wants to be seperate from the world that she belongs that’s filled with magic and mythology.
It took me awhile to connect to Yasmin because I didn’t really understand her motives for being the way she was, I thought she was a bit of an ingrate to be honest but that’s neither here nor there. I blame that on the fact that I’m now a cranky adult who now has the gift of hindsight.
However I can’t fault the author’s depth of imagination or her skillful storyline. I mean a manticore??? there’s not enough books about other creatures outside of the usual suspects, so I applaud the author for that. There’s so much more mythology out there to be explored and I think Saruuh Kelsey will be at the forefront of the writers exploring that.
This book is a definite must read especially for someone looking for something DIFFERENT and diverse in the YA genre. I loved the slowburning romance between Yasmin and Fray. It was a refreshing change of pace especially as it was foretold that they would be an intense, deep love but it wasn’t rushed or forced. In the end I fell for those two love ladies as they were falling in love with each other.

Check out an Excerpt from The Beast of Callaire!

Symbols have been smeared in red on the wall over my bed—the same language as the words I saw lit

up on the building across the alley. The words the original Phoenix confirmed to be the language of


Without really thinking about it, I start running through my apartment looking for anything else out of

place, avoiding what’s in front of me. I feel my breathing quicken and I know I need to calm down but

right now calm is elusive.

“It’s a warning,” Guy says, his voice edged in ice.

“How do you know?” I plead with my legs to hold me up as I dizzily return to my room. The liquid used

to write the symbols is definitely blood—my Crea nose can smell the tang from here. Thankfully, it’s not


“Mavers has been teaching me to read Numina,” Guy tells me. “Do you want to know what it says?”


“It says to stay away from the Halfling or more Legendaries will die.”

Air rushes from my lungs all at once. “Fray.”

I disobey the warning without a second thought, rushing outside and tearing across the road, uncaring

of traffic. When I reach the wood’s edge, I rip off my talisman and reach out for Fray. Guy catches up

just as I’m screaming for her.

The muscles in my thighs strain with how hard I’m pushing myself. I don’t want to admit the truth to

myself—that something is irreversibly wrong. I hear no static from Fray’s mind and there isn’t a single

scared thought from her.

I unleash the monster I fight so hard to repress and scream a hostile growl into the woods. Guy flinches

beside me.

Talons unfurl from my fingers. My vision sharpens all at once and I know I look beastly, that my eyes are

the most golden they’ve ever been.

None of that matters.

My link to Fray is gone.


Looking to purchase it now? Click on the purchase links to 

“The Beast of Callaire


About The Author

Saruuh Kelsey is the author of several novels for young adults, including the free Lux Guardians series

and The Legend Mirror series. Her latest releases include THE BEAST OF CALLAIRE, the first novel of a

new YA fantasy series, and a collection of diverse fairy tales in LOVE IN THE GILDED AGE. Find her online

at saruuhkelsey.co.uk.


Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

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