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Diverse Book Tours Presents Tricia Drammeh The Spellbringers series

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Spellbringers Excerpts:



Never in a million years would I have thought I’d feel desperation toward a guy, but Jace

wasn’t just any guy. He was different, and until I figured out why I felt so drawn to him, I

wouldn’t be able to relax. I had always been a very independent person, and had never suffered

the lovesick ailments that had afflicted my friends at one time or another. No, it wasn’t a case of

puppy love or a silly crush. This was something different.

I waited impatiently for Jace to remember his promise to dance with me. Each time someone

new asked me to dance, resentment washed over me. I didn’t want to be stuck with someone else

when Jace eventually approached me. If he approached me. I decided to hang out by the

refreshment table and skip the next few dances.

When Jace caught my eye and moved toward me, I instinctively reached up to touch my

necklace, seeking the comfort it usually offered, but remembered I’d left it at home. I hoped I

didn’t end up regretting leaving it behind in favor of making a fashion statement.

Jace’s eyes held mine and I felt uncomfortably anxious. This was probably the first time I’d

ever understood what someone meant when they claimed to have butterflies in their stomach. I

dragged my eyes away from his and looked down at the ground, trying to compose myself.

Suddenly, he was standing in front of me, his hand outstretched.



My mother held the dish so tightly, I feared it would snap in two. Her anger penetrated my

woefully inadequate magical security and hit me full force. After months of training, I still

couldn’t control my Empathy and a migraine seemed imminent. But I couldn’t back down from

our argument. Not when the stakes were so high. It would be helpful if I could tell her the truth,

but completely impossible. She could never know who I was. It would kill her.

“Young lady, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I raised you better than this. How

dare you argue with me? When I tell you no, that means no.” She turned her back on me, and

began washing dishes with renewed vigor. I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Mama. I just thought…”

“You thought what? You thought I’d leave a seventeen-year-old girl home alone while I

went to Atlanta? Have you lost your mind?” She shook her head and muttered to herself.

She tossed a clean pot into the draining board and turned back around to face me. The look

on her face dared me to argue further. “You haven’t seen your brother since New Year’s. I can’t

believe you don’t want to see him.”

The unfairness of her words brought tears to my eyes. My mother thought I was being

selfish, when in fact, my concern for Jeffrey was the main reason I didn’t want to visit him. My

inability to control my magic could draw Hunters, and although they wouldn’t harm my brother,

they might draw the attention of others who would be very interested in discovering his

whereabouts. Jeffrey’s magic was suppressed thanks to a spelled tattoo, rendering him

defenseless. Demons could tap into his abilities and use Jeffrey’s magic for their own evil

UNBOUND (Book Three)


He crouched down to tie his shoe and I saw a strap of leather peeking out from underneath

“This?” He tugged his pant leg up a few inches, revealing a dark leather holster strapped to

the bottom of his leg. “It’s my ankle sheath.”

With a quick yank, he pulled out a six-inch long silver dagger. I took a step back in surprise.

“Do…do you always wear that?”

“Of course. Well, most of the time. When I’m protecting you, I must wear it—just like a

police officer carries a weapon when he’s on duty. I received this when I earned my Protector

ranking. It’s a symbol of my rank—just like my Brand.”

I’d seen his Brand before. Central burned a symbol of Protection between his shoulder

blades. It wasn’t mandatory, but most new Protectors chose to wear the badge of honor.

“Does it frighten you?” he asked, holding up the dagger. I shook my head. “It’s for your

protection, Rachel. I would not hesitate to use it if I thought you were in danger.”

“I don’t want you to do that.”

“I’d do anything to keep you safe, or make you happy.” The words hung between us—a

“It’s late,” he said, finally breaking the spell of silence. “I should go.”

He pulled me into a hug and patted me on the back. I let him hold me longer than usual,

partly out of gratitude for his friendship and partly because it felt so good to be in his arms.

When I pulled away, I looked up into his face, intending to make a joke about his black clothing

and catlike stealth, but instead, my gaze locked with his.

When he touched my face with his fingertips, I didn’t turn away. When he leaned down to

kiss me, my eyelids fluttered closed. He gently kissed my forehead, then my eyelids. His lips

traveled across my cheekbone and down my jaw line. He stopped and I opened my eyes. He

looked at me questioningly, hopefully, and I didn’t pull away from him. I closed my eyes and his

lips met mine. His kiss was soft and reverent, and after a moment he pulled away.

“I promised not to rush you. The next time I kiss you, you’ll want it as badly as I do.”

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( Book 1 of the Spellbringers Series)


The Demon Re’Vel stalks his prey in the forest of dreams, slowly gaining control over

the mind of his victim. Rachel doesn’t realize the Demon is real. In fact, she doesn’t believe

in magic, Demons, Hunters, or any of the other things the Alexanders have warned her about. She resists their protection, but can’t resist her overwhelming feelings for Jace.Alisa has been drawn to Jace since the day she saved him from a Hunter attack. A mere human in a world of Spellbringers, Alisa has been embraced by the Alexander family as a hero, but not everyone is willing to accept her. Jace’s intimidating older brother, Bryce, keeps his emotions and his secrets hidden. When Bryce confides in Alisa, it puts her relationship with Jace and the entire Alexander family at risk.

Danger, secrets, and betrayal collide, and when the Demon makes his claim, the small, southern town of Oaktree becomes a battleground for Rachel’s life.

Formerly published under the title ‘The Claiming Words,’ Spellbound is a completely re-written, re-vamped novel featuring added scenes, additional chapters, and a new ending.

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Plot Summary:

Rachel’s thirst for knowledge about the

family she never knew drives her to keep a

secret from the Alexanders that shatters

Jace’s trust in her. With her renewed dream-

relationship with Re’Vel, she walks on a razor’s edge, putting the entire Alexander

family – and Alisa – in terrible danger.

Alisa and Bryce are more in love than ever, but his jealousy and possessiveness

threatens to push Alisa away. With his Claiming Words ringing in Alisa’s ears, she

tries to reconcile her sense of independence with her desperate yearning for Bryce.

A dark enemy from the Alexanders’ past is out for vengeance and uses Rachel as his

target to get to the family he despises. When Alisa is caught in the crossfire, Bryce is

willing to sacrifice anything to save her – even his own soul.

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Plot Summary:

Some bonds can never be broken…

Alisa and Bryce are keeping a huge secret, but when an accident illustrates how dangerous their secret has become, she’s forced to make a choice between her family’s expectations and the man she loves more than anything. Rachel’s past mistakes have finally caught up with her. Her continued association with Re’Vel results in unspeakable tragedy and brings to question her loyalty to the magical community. With accusations from all directions and her heart in tatters, she finds out who her real friends are and finds her true strength.

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Author Information


Tricia Drammeh is a wife and mother of four children who lives in New

Hampshire. Her published works include Sweet Sorrow, Better than

Perfect, The Seance, The Fifth Circle, and the Spellbringers series. Tricia

is currently working on her eighth novel. When she’s not writing, she can

be found devouring books, interviewing up-and-coming authors, and

drinking vast amounts of coffee.

Author Links

Website: Official Website

Facebook: Connect with Tricia on Facebook!

Twitter: Tweet her @triciadrammeh

Goodreads: Hang out with Tricia on Goodreads!


Author: Tamara Philip, Author

Author of Interracial novels including but not limited to romance. Aspiring writer of supernatural fantasy books.

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