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Snippet from my new Christmas book…Weekend Writing Warriors…#8sunday


Hey  Weekend Writing Warriors!  Can you feel the holiday season in the air yet?? I’m on a steady diet of Christmas music and panic because I haven’t even thought about what I’m buying people for Christmas yet! Anyway This week’s #8sunday snippet is from my new release with my author bff and fellow Weekend Writing Warrior,Neva Squires-Rodriguez, called This Season…Have Love/Have Faith. Two Christmas themed short stories to warm your hearts for the holidays! My story is called Have Love and the scene I’ve picked to share with you is part of the conversation between Danny, our hero and his sister, Daniella as he contemplates introducing himself to his love interest, Josephine.

“Danny, get it together. She’s not going to think you’re a creep. Hell, she probably doesn’t even know you exist.”

“Oh thanks, Sis! That makes me feel so much better. Ugh, why do I even listen to you?”

“Because I’m your sister and I’m brilliant? Oh my god, is that a pizza cone?” Daniella shrieked, pulling him along with her at breakneck speed into the “As Seen on TV” store.

Now I’m off to read some super awesome snippets from my fellow Authors at WeWriWa’s blog! Go check them out!

Thanks for reading ❤

Buy the book here on Kindle!


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BPIC Promo’s Book Blitz for The Predator& Prey series by James D Horton

Predator & Prey Series

Book 1: Predatory & Prey

Book 2: Beast

Book 3: Control

by James D. Horton
Series: Predator & Prey, #1-#3
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Dark Fantasy
Cover Designer: Miranda Horton
Release Dates:

Book1: July 23, 2014

Book 2: August 28, 2014

Book 3: October 24, 2014

Book 1: Predator & Prey

Lily works the night shift at a radio station, taking calls from forlorn and damaged souls who can’t sleep. She knows their pain and they find solace in her comforting words. The city is ruthless; nameless creatures roam the streets and prey on the lost and innocent.

As she leaves work one night at the crest of dawn, Lily comes face-to-face with depravity. She is a survivor at heart, but she is unfairly outnumbered and surrenders to her fate. From the shadows an ally emerges, the mysterious and alluring, Wolf. After coming to Lily’s aid, he takes her to shelter.

The immediate danger has passed, but the incident is far from over. Wolf tells Lily she is not prey, and sets off into the night with her by his side to set a wrong right. What she sees when entering the dark heart of the city will change her existence forever. Has Wolf taken on a force too big? Will Lily survive the night?

Book 2: Beast

It has been days since Lily killed the vampire responsible for her brutal attack. Now she and Wolf have been summoned by the Society to answer for her actions. Standing before the Regent, she learns she has tipped the human and supernatural scales. A new vampire is required to restore balance.

When she hears the penalty for her crime, Wolf protectively steps in and accepts a dangerous task in exchange for her freedom. He must find the rogue vampire who has been slaughtering citizens in their territory or risk losing Lily to the Society. And he only has days to do it.

As the night of reckoning fast approaches, Lily finds an unlikely advocate in a centuries-old, seductive vampire named Athene who gives her an ominous warning. Athene knows secrets about Wolf she won’t divulge, which only complicates the mysterious revelation Lily has recently discovered about herself.

Screams, growls, and cries echo throughout the darkest, desolate streets of the city. The final showdown determines who is predator and who will become prey. One thing remains certain-no one escapes the night unscathed.

Beast is the much anticipated sequel to Predator & Prey by James D Horton.

Book 3: Control

Two weeks have passed since Lily became a vampire and things couldn’t be worse. She is starving, out of control, and Wolf has vanished. Her maker, Athene, is patient, but fails to help Lily tame the beast within. After Lily’s introduction to Society goes horribly wrong, she is sent to train with Griogar, a narcissistic vampire with questionable tactics.

A powerful member of Society, John Genosoa, has secretly arranged for Wolf’s mate to return. The distraction works. Wolf and Luna’s reunion is passionate, yet laced with memories of insurmountable loss. Even so, neither is able to refuse the animalistic magnetism drawing them together.

When Lily reaches a new low during a session with Griogar, Wolf reappears. She’s furious, but vulnerable to his charm and follows him beneath the City. Lily finds out Wolf has spent ages chasing a legendary tale of transcendence and discovers who has been keeping him away.

Lily is forced to put aside her heartache when Genosoa’s plan threatens the City’s inhabitants. Genosoa’s magic is strong, but not strong enough to keep the existence of vampires a secret from humans. He needs souls to sacrifice.

Wolf, Lily and Luna are dispatched by the Keeper and must act fast to stop the killing of innocents. Screams of agony and a scene of destruction greet them, but they are confronted with a much more sinister obstacle and it’s too late to turn back. What begins as a battle turns into an all-out war for their very survival.

Ancient histories are told, myths are revealed and dangerous paths are taken in Control , the highly anticipated third installment in the Predator & Prey series by author James D. Horton.

Book 1: Predator & Prey
Book 2: Beast
Book 3: Control
Buy the Box Set

James D Horton is the breakout author of the Predator & Prey series which features an urban fantasy setting with a paranormal romance story. Lily is the star who falls in love with enigmatic Wolf, who is not a nice vampire. The story starts in Predator & Prey, continues in Beast (Predator & Prey, #2), and in the newly released Control (Predator & Prey, #3).

James is also the author of two popular non-fiction books which focus on relationship advice presenting the successful actions that he and his fiancé use to make their relationship better every single day with their six children.

He is currently working on the next installment of the Predator & Prey Series.

He lives in Lamar, MO with his fiancé and their children, plus the ever annoying Spock, a Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua.

Connect with James on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1AT7a8Q

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1mfm5cy

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My review of E. James’ 9 Based on a True story…#chilling


So I recently read E. James’ 9 and I found it utterly terrifying!! honestly Brad scared me to my core and that’s a huge feat. I was scared because I could see myself and so many other people in my life in Nikki and how easily her story could become theirs. Nikki was so relatable, she wasn’t a character you hated but you did end up pitying her and wanting to rescue her and that had me both fascinated and horrified.
E. James knocked this book out of the park!! From start to finish this wasn’t just a page turner, it was a page gripper! The story refused to let you go until it was finished with you.
Nikki was like so many women who thought they’d found their dream guy to only find out way too late that he was a bully and a manipulative maniac.
E. James, you definitely know how to tell a story and I truly want to hug the person/people who’ve gone through this and are currently going through abuse like Nikki had to go through (and there is no arguing that what went on in their relationship was abuse)!

Check out the book links below and the other book tour stops for more info on this life changing book!



Book Description

Of all the possibilities of her predictable life in Spokane, abruptly meeting the man of her dreams was the least bit expected for Nikki. Brad, a man of seductive quality, seizes control of her mundane lifestyle and soon they embark on an exotic life together. That is, until she is faced with the suspicion that not everything about her new love is what it seems. After nearly a decade of deceit and brutality, a crushing blow is made in an attempt to end her freedom and erase her existence entirely. Will she escape from his hands in time? Or will Nikki be doomed to become Brad’s next victim? Follow this true story as Nikki takes the road less traveled in her face-off with a sociopath—battling against his deep desires for sexual exploitation, wealth and ultimately power.

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/9-based-story-E-James-ebook/dp/B00LWS4GVS/ref=sr_1_7?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1414695589&sr=1-7

Book Tour Schedule: http://www.elitebookpromotions.com/book-tours



Authors with Flair interview with Charmaine Gordon

I adore Charmaine Gordon! There I said it! She’s warm, zany and an absolute legend in her own right. Not to mention that she’s the author of 17 fantastic novels that are geared to the over 50’s mature romantic suspense readers. (seriously you should check them out!) Lucky for me, Charmaine agreed to do a fun interview to talk about her new book in her River’s Edge Series called Help Wanted (and also to try and get a peek behind the scenes on what makes her tick)!

Charmaine -10 sATURATED_pp8x10g-72y

Tell us about  Help Wanted:

Steve and Sally Atwood have some big adjustments to make when they move to River’s Edge. Steve has lost his career in the corporate world and finds work painting houses. Sally flings off her apron and pursues her lifelong dream to be a reporter in the small town with a big heart, where the motto is ‘Kindness to Strangers’.

 Afraid he is losing Sally to a more exciting world, Steve panics, but despite Sally’s lecherous new boss, together they rediscover all the love of their thirty-five years together and the excitement that brings

.HW CVR front

 Where did the plot idea come from?

When I wrote Housebroken- Book One in the River’s Edge Series, I realized the story dealt with empty nest syndrome and what becomes of the husband and wife when the kids move away. And then I needed a follow-up story. Help Wanted is what happens right after the couple moves to a smaller home in a new town and their lives change. There is humor in both stories, lots of romance and angst as the Atwood’s sort out their feelings.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

 Tap dance on the table the way I used to as an actor in NYC and then take care of my family because they always care for me.

 When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer professionally

When, sadly I lost my good voice to spasmodic dysphonia about ten years ago, I had to leave my acting career behind. Creative juices still flowed and a friend suggested I try writing. After all I’d read scripts for many years, worked on daytime drama, movies, watched directors, knew how stories came to life so why not. And I wrote a book. Sent out query letters, received rejections but actors are accustomed to rejection-no biggie- and then Vanilla Heart Publishing and I crossed paths due to the kindness of Chelle Cordero who read my book. The rest, as we say, is history. Because Kimberlee Williams believed in me, I believed in me. Book after book, novellas, long/short stories and mature romances. There isn’t a day that goes by without writing and I love telling a story.


If you could only pick two people, living or dead, famous or not, to read your book, who would they be and why?

My Mom who passed on at age fifty would have been so proud to know I had the courage to move from homemaker to spread my wings and become an actor and now a writer. She came from an era where women stayed in their niche taking care of home and children. She remains famous to me. And then my first husband, Bud, who died young. We shared so much in our thirty eight years of a happy marriage but this is the one part he missed, his wife as an author. And he so loved to read. 


 Do you think Life experiences, research or just your imagination makes you a better a writer?

Combine them all and you’ve hit the jackpot. Acting experience, imagination and life. It all adds up.


What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Enter into my Imagination. Needs work but what the hey!

In one sentence, what advice would you give to an aspiring author?

If there’s a story inside you, SPILL it. Each day write something. And never give up, rejection  or not. Go for the gold. You’ll be rewarded. It happened to me. It can happen to you. Best wishes.

OOPS! Way more than one sentence.

Where can your fans contact you and find your books?








HW CVR front


December deals with the fall out of Tom’s words…Weekend Writing Warriors…#8sunday

Hey All! I’m back again doing the #8sunday with the wonderful  Weekend Writing Warriors!  I really loved reading the other snippets! This week’s excerpt from my debut novella The Trouble with Playing Cupid shows December’s friend and bodyguard Damien trying to cheer her up about Tom.

“So listen… I’m sorry about that guy, We saw it on TV last night.”
“Oh well, it’s the story of my life. Girl passively stalks guy,Girl gets drunk and texts
traitorous talk show host, Boy thinks girl is vomitus.” December deadpanned. Damien
guffawed loudly despite himself and poked her lightly in the side, making her laugh.
“You’re too good for him anyway. The man has the ultimate poker face. I doubt he
even has emotions.”

Read more great snippets from my fellow Authors at WeWriWa’s blog

Buy The Trouble with Playing Cupid on Amazon Today! 


on Smashwords for all Non Kindle E-readers


The Angie/AMB Ovation Awards nomination announcement

I’ve been announced as a finalist for

 Outstanding Debut Author

of Interracial Romance 2015

 in the 

The Angie Ovation Awards

nominee for debut author award graphic

The Outstanding Debut Author Awards recognize an AA/IR/Multicultural romance author who has demonstrated strong literary potential and contributions to the genre. The award is designed to both recognize and further the recipient’s professional development activities.

–quoted from http://www.angelinembishop.com/2015-finalists.html

Cupid print and ebook with hands

The Trouble with Playing Cupid
by Tamara Philip

One New Year’s Eve, shy singer, December Brown drunkenly texts her talk show host pal, Trace Randall, about her long time crush on the aloof actor, Tom Elmswood. Thinking the two celebrities would make a cute couple, he unwisely decides to play matchmaker… in front of a live studio audience.

Things start to go downhill when Tom admits he’s never even heard of December before. Now what seemed like a sure fire hit quickly becomes a flop. Will these two lonely hearts ever make a love connection or has this cupid’s arrow missed its mark?


I laughed and cried along with the characters. I fell in love with the story line and the Characters. I Love Tom! He was the most down to earth man with a heart of Gold! December AKA Dee banter and sweet talk had me on a emotional roller coaster.I would love to have friends like Clarissa and Terrence. This book (genre) is a book that I have never read. Tamara wove magic when writing this and also has made me become a fan of Romantic Comedies. Awesome!!! …April Nichols Baker

Despite having placed the book down due to being busy, as soon as I picked it up again, I had no problem being wrapped back up into the story. The characters are able to be connected with and each have their own quirks that give them life. The tone of the book is so casual that it feels as if you’re right in the thicket of the story’s environment. Additionally, the tone complements the characters very well as it emphasizes the thoughts of each of them that makes their situations feel real. Anytime a book can make me use my imagination to paint the picture, it’s doing a darn good job…. Kelsey

Who doesn’t like a gritty love story. The romance plays out to be true to imagination with a real flare for an intimate setting and flawless character portrayals, the character ‘Trace’, being my favorite. The authors writing style sucks you in to the pages and I found I couldn’t put it down.

I was actually late for an appointment yesterday as I was so engrossed reading this book on the train that I missed my stop lol. I hope Tamara brings a lot more romance to our lives, and I will definitely be watching out for more books to come by this talented new author…. Pennie Mae Cartawick, Author of the Sherlock Holmes book series

The Trouble with Playing Cupid Sneak Peek Video



 Tamara Philip

Tamara Philip

After spending most of her life in New York City, Tamara Philip decided to let love lead her on an international adventure, where she’s met many amazing people and ate entirely too much. Tamara and her English-born fiance, Chris, now split their time between the United Kingdom and The Caribbean.

The Trouble with Playing Cupid is her debut novel, and writing has been her secret passion since childhood. Quirky female leads are her trademark.
On any given day you can find Tamara telling people what to do, dodging wedding planning, and working hard on her second novel.



Congratulations, Tamara!

Where to find Tamara Philip online

Website: http://www.tamaraphilipwrites.wordpress.com
Twitter: @MsTamaraPhilip
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamaraPhilipwrites

Book Website: http://www.thetroublewithplayingcupid.com

nominee for debut author award graphic

VHP Banner logo for Tamara use


December consoles her friend…Weekend WritingWarrior…#8sunday…10/5/2014

Hey All! I’m back again doing the #8sunday with the wonderful  Weekend Writing Warriors!  I really loved reading the other snippets! This week’s excerpt from my debut novella The Trouble with Playing Cupid shows the scene where December consoles her friend and stylist,Terrence on his very recent heartbreak.

“Sugar pie, you can’t lay there all night. You can sulk just as good on the bed.” Terrence turned his face to the side and stared at December with the saddest brown eyes she’d ever seen.

“It’s more pathetic this way, so just kill me now because I can never face him again.”

“He didn’t seem to mind too much, I think he’s known for some time.”

“That’s what makes it worse.” he opined, turning his head away from her so she couldn’t see his tears. Tossing his jacket on the chair a few feet from her, she laid down next to him on the carpeted hotel floor and cuddled him close.

Read more great snippets from my fellow Authors at WeWriWa’s blog

Buy The Trouble with Playing Cupid on Amazon Today! 


on Smashwords for all Non Kindle E-readers


Perfect for Book Clubs- The Trouble with Playing Cupid (with book club starter packet)

Remember falling in love for the first time? The highs and lows? The butterflies in your tummy? Then that sweet, sweet relief when you finally got to be with the object of your affection? Feel that feeling all over again… Then The Trouble with Playing Cupid is the book for you.

Cupid CVR 2Fb

One New Year’s Eve, shy singer, December Brown drunkenly texts her talk show host pal, Trace Randall, about her long time crush on the aloof actor, Tom Elmswood. Thinking the two celebrities would make a cute couple, he unwisely decides to play matchmaker… in front of a live studio audience. 

Things start to go downhill when Tom admits he’s never even heard of December before. Now what seemed like a sure fire hit quickly becomes a flop. Will these two lonely hearts ever make a love connection or has this cupid’s arrow missed its mark? 

Buy The Book Here

Kindle- http://www.amazon.com/Trouble-Playing-Cupid-Tamara-Philip-ebook/dp/B00M3DQIT4


AllRomanceEbooks.com- www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thetroublewithplayingcupid-1578577-149.html

For All Your Book Club Needs

Grab yourselves some free The Trouble with Playing Cupid Book Marks, Recipes and Free 4 Chapter Preview

Visit NoiseTrades.com for your free Book Club starter Packet– http://books.noisetrade.com/tamaraphilip

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Character Interview with Samantha Miller

Hi All, I’m the author of The Trouble with Playing Cupid, a sweet romance novel. Or in other words, the polar opposite of Ben Burgess Jr’s latest book, the juicy, gripping Wounded. Which tells the tale of Samantha Miller, the compelling protagonist, as she navigates the ravaged war zone of her heart.

Luckily for me, I got to find out the scoop on the Wounded star and help introduce her to the literary world:

 Hi Samantha, Describe yourself to me.

Curvaceous, green eyed beauty that is always well kept (Manicure, pedicure, hair done, nails done). I’m 5’8” thick in all the right places, and a firm ass that won’t quit! LOL

Is one sense more highly developed than another? (Are you more visual, or audial, etc, or do you rely on the famous sixth sense?)

I would say I’m more visual which is why I’m good in photography.

Did you turn out the way you expected? The way your parents predicted?

I’d say I evolved into a woman who can adapt to any situation and can survive any shitty problem life throws at me. I feel I exceeded my expectations of how I thought I’d turn out.

What really moves you, or touches you to the soul?

My friends and spending time with them moves me. I cherish my time spent with them. They are my family.

What’s the one thing you have always wanted to do but didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t? What would happen if you did do it?

I’d say the one thing I’ve always wanted to do is fall head over heels in love with a woman. I don’t think it’ll ever happen because I don’t think I could ever wholeheartedly trust someone with my heart. If for some crazy reason I did, I know I would be disappointed and hurt. I’m not morbid, I’m a realist.

What do you consider are your strengths?

I’m honest, street smart with a little book smart. I’m emotionally strong and I take no shit from anyone. I think those are pretty good strengths. Continue reading